How Robots Will Create

A New Kind of Human Society


(a work in progress)

    The coming age of robots promises to provide humanity with a a plentiful supply of assistance, companionship, and even leadership, but it also raises some darker questions. Will robots compete with us for dominance and eventually replace humans in an ever-expanding number of key jobs and professions? Could they, armed with lethal force, represent a mortal threat to ourselves, our families, and our communities? Robot bodiesconstrained by nothing more than the physical capabilities of industrial materialsand robot mindslimited only by the constantly evolving potential of computer hardware and softwareare already being designed that significantly exceed many of the mental and physical capacities of their human creators. 

    All of this raises some fundamental questions about how humanity will related to these unique manufactured organisms. Should they be regarded as thinking and feeling beings, like our fellow humans, and be endowed with human-like rights and responsibilities? Or should they be regarded as little more than mechanical slaves, created with no purpose beyond that of doing the bidding of their human masters? The answers to such questions are, at best, elusive and uncertain. What is certain is that humanity will be wrestling with these questions for generations to come. 


Chapter 1- Robots Past, Present, and Future

– Life Before Robots

– The Evolution of Robots

– The Coming Robot Revolution

– Robots in Science Fiction


Chapter 2 – Robot Workers

 – Robot Laborers

 – Robot Farmers

 – Robot Store Clerks

- Robot Cooks

– Robot Servants 

– Robot Nannies

Chapter 3 – Robot Drivers and Pilots

– Autonomous Drones

– Self-Driving Cars, Trucks, and Buses

– Self-Driving Trains 

– Autonomous Ships and Submarines


Chapter 4 – Robot Companions

- Robot Friends

- Robot Lovers

- Robot Nannies

-  Robot Pets


Chapter 5 – Robot Leaders

- Robot Managers

- Robot Doctors

- Robot Lawyers

- Robot Teachers

- Robot Coaches

- Robot Therapists

- Robot Priests

Chapter 6 – Robot Warriors

– Robot Police

– Robot Guards

 – Robot Soldiers

– Killer Robots 

Chapter 7 – Robot Creativity

– Robot Artists

– Robot Musicians

– Robot Entertainers

– Robot Writers


Chapter 8 – The Robot Body

– Machine-Integrated Robots

–  Humanoid Robots

–  Four-Legged Robots


Chapter 9 – The Robot Mind

– Robots and Artificial Intelligence

– Robot Sleuths and Scientists

– Can Robots Feel Emotions?


Chapter 10 – Robot Civil Rights

– Robot Rights and Responsibilities

– Do Robots Need a Bill of Rights?

– Are Robots People Too?


Chapter 11 – Could Robots Control Us?

– Will Humans Obey Robot Leaders?

– Could Humans Side With Robots Against Other Humans?

– Can Robots Free Themselves From Human Control?

– Could Robots Go to War Against Humans?

– The Brave New World of Robots


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